Eblana news


  • www.parsirug.com‘ COMING SOON.
  • Growing demand and support by the Iranian government for renewable energies, Iran 🇮🇷.
  • We are very proud of our partners in CPHD for their magnificant charity works, Faridpour, Bangladesh 🇧🇩.
  • Eat healthy with ‘GETSTUFFED’ , Dublin, Ireland🇮🇪.
  • Revolver Hostel grand opening in Glasgow, coming soon, Glasgow, Scotland 🇬🇧.
  • Enjoy summer sales with Versace and Robero Cavalli, Tehran, Iran🇮🇷.
  • Eblana proudly celebrates the second year anniversary of its Bangladesh branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh🇧🇩.
  • Metro Inns soon to be the first Irish-British hoteling group operating in Iran, Tehran, Iran🇮🇷.
  • Ebalana group is proudly announcing the official launch of www.iclothing.ir🇮🇷.?.
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