Why invest in Ireland

Forbes magazine has ranked Ireland as one of the best countries for business. This is not just for large multinationals, but also the potential multinationals of the future. Eblana group nurtures these high growth companies, helping them forge their future success in Ireland. 

Ireland is home to many of the world’s leading high-performance companies including Intel, Twitter, Pfizer, Citi, Huawei, Takeda, Fujitsu, Novartis and Trend Micro. The country is also positioning itself to become a world leader in the Internet of Things, Big Data, ICT Skills, Energy Efficiency, Health Innovation and Cloud Computing.

Corporation tax rate is 12.5%

This applies to all Irish corporate trading profits. A rate of 25% applies to non-trading (passive) income.

Multilingual skills

Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Eurozone and the ideal base from which to serve European markets. Over half a million Irish residents speak a foreign language fluently and 17% of the population is of international origin.& Tal.

Google’s EU HQ in Dublin employs over 2,500 people from over 65 countries, speaking o ver 45 different languages.

Our people and talent

Our youthful workforce is well educated, mobile, ambitious and adaptable. We combine competitive salaries with a high standard of living, which attracts talent from every corner of the world. It’s our people and skills, rich with creative and cultural DNA, which drives Ireland and its investor’s success. In fact, we are the one of the most productive economies in the E.U languages.

Eblana Group partners with clients to ensure their set-up in Ireland is as successful as possible. We’ll take care of the details while you get on with business. From site visits through legal, recruitment, visa and property requirements, we provide the information, connections and assistance you need.

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